Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A High Goal

Till we all come...unto the measure of the stature of the 
fulness of Christ. Ephesians 4:13

Rehabilitation means the putting back of the whole human 
race into the relationship God designed it to be in, and this 
is what Jesus Christ did in Redemption. The church ceases 
to be a spiritual society when it is on the lookout for the de-
velopment of its own organization. The rehabilitation of the 
human race on Jesus Christ's plan means the realization of 
Jesus Christ in corporate life as well as in individual life. 
Jesus Christ sent apostles and teachers for this purpose--
that the corporate Personality might be realized. We are not
here to develop a spiritual life of our own, or to enjoy spirit-
tual retirement; we are here so to realize Jesus Christ that 
the Body of Christ may be built up.

Am I building up the Body of Christ, or am I looking for 
my own personal development only? The essential thing 
is my personal relationship to Jesus Christ--
"That I may know Him."
To fulfill God's design means entire abandonment to Him.
Whenever I want things for myself, the relationship is dis-
torted. It will be a big humiliation to realize that I have 
not been concerned about realizing Jesus Christ, but only 
about realizing what He has done for me.

My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace,
Nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.

Am I measuring my life by this standard or by anything
less?  Oswald Chambers

Reader, I can't help thinking that the modern church is
all about blessings and what He has done for us. Surely
this will not carry us when persecutions and tribulation
come. We must know Him. Do I? Do you?

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