Wednesday, June 27, 2018


He answered nothing. Mark 15:3

There is no scene in all the Bible more majestic
than our Savior remaining silent before the men
who were reviling Him. With one quick burst of
divine power, or one fiery word of rebuke, He
could have caused His accusers to be laid pros-
trate at His feet. Yet He answered not one word,
allowing them to say and do their very worst.
He stood in the power of stillness--God's holy
silent Lamb.

There is a place of stillness that allows God the
opportunity to work for us and gives us peace.
It is a stillness that ceases ours scheming, self-
vindication, and the search for temporary means
to an end through our own wisdom and judge-
ment. Instead, it lets God provide an answer,
through His unfailing and faithful love, to the
cruel blow we have suffered.
A B Simpson  1843-1919

Reader, now what about the silence part? How
difficult it is to find silence in our day. I would
our time as the noisy generation. Even the mu-
sic at church on Sunday is often loud and in-

About the author. There is a little booklet I came
across written by AB Simpson that has become a
favorite of mine. The title is HIMSELF. It is avail-
able at the end of the biography below. It will so
encourage you as it shows just how mighty and
loving our Lord Jesus is.

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