Saturday, June 2, 2018


He has give us exceeding great and precious promises.
2 Peter 1:4

I became a believer in the Lord Jesus  in November,
1825, nearly seventy years ago. The first four years
after my conversion were spent in spiritual weak-
ness; but in July, 1829, now sixty six years ago, I
came to a place of entire and full surrender of heart.
I gave myself fully to the Lord. Honors, pleasure,
money, my physical powers, my mental powers, all
laid down at the feet of Jesus, and I became a great
lover of God. I found my all in God, and have con-
tinued to do so, in all my temporal and spiritual trials, 
for these past sixty six years. My faith does not per-
tain to only temporal bleassings, but to everything be-
cause I stand constantly on God's Word. It has been 
my knowledge of God and His Word that has thus 
sustained me. George Mueller

Reader, we will constantly stumble and fall if we do
not understand and embrace His exceeding great and
precious promises. For those who do not know the
man, George Mueller, take the time to read his bio.
We have so much to learn from those who have gone
before us. I am taking time this summer to draw near
to God as I wait and watch for His coming. I have
felt so dry lately, fearful and discouraged. How about

I have found a wonderful expose of Mueller's life.
urge all of you who want to know God in a deeper
way to read it.

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