Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Be ye holy (complete, whole, full) even as I am holy. 
1 Peter 1:16

A Late Prophet Has Written:
It is a law of the human soul that most people tend 
to become like that which they admire most intensely.
Deep and long continued admiration can alter the
whole texture of the mind and heart and turn the de-
votee into something quite other than he was before.

For this reason it is critically important that we Chris-
tians should have right models. It is not enough to say
that our model should be Christ. While that is true, it
is also true that Christ is known mostly through the
lives of His professed followers, and the more promi-
nent and vocal these followers are the more powerful
will be their influence upon the rank and file of Chris-
tians. If the models are imperfect the whole standard
of Christian living must suffer as a result.

A sacred obligation lies upon each of us to be Christ-
like. This generation of Christians must have models
it can safely admire. That is not the primary reason
for seeking to be holy, but it is a powerful one. Many
beginners are taking us for their examples. Later they
will become detached from us and will learn to fix
their eyes directly upon the Lord Himself; in the mean-
time, for better or for worse we are their idea of what
Christ is like. This is a wonderful and frightening fact
that we must face and deal with as we may.
A W Tozer--1897-1963

Reader, Tozer is speaking of the Baby Boomer genera-
tion, of which I am one. Life was much simpler when
this man was alive, but even then, there was a need to
admonish leaders. We may not feel like leaders but
think of children, grandchildren and young adults who
are just beginning to walk through a maze of opportuni-
ties and who are trying to choose. Does your life reflect
the Savior? And, who are your role models? Are they
men and women who are true to scripture, still learning,
humble, Godly in character?

A biography of the man called Tozer:

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