Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Instant in Season

Be instant in season, out of season
2 Timothy 4:2

Many of us suffer from the morbid tendency to be
instant "out of season." The season does not refer
to time, but to us, whether we feel like it or not.
If we do only what we feel inclined to do, some
of us would do nothing forever and ever. There 
are unemployables in the spiritual domain, spiri-
tually decrepit people, who refuse to do anything
unless they are supernaturally inspired. The proof
that we are rightly related to God is that we do 
our best whether or not we feel inspired or not.
Oswald Chambers

Reader, this is a spiritually difficult season which
we are in. There are too many days in a row where
it is hard to move, to plan, to go forward. I find it
helpful to ask Jesus to manage my time, to be my
energy, to be my life in any given situation. It
means that I have to be "instant out of season,"
much of the time, relying only on Him. You see,
my best is never enough.

Two things:
I understand that readers have had difficulty under-
standing a series of posts on a dying 18 year old.
If you missed one of them it was confusing be-
cause I did not share the posts that had gone before.
Here are the three posts in order:
So Close to Death--5/15
Loves Like a Hurricane--5/18
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You can scroll down for the earlier posts.

Secondly, one of my readers emailed me to say
that she had commented twice and both com-
ments had been removed. This might explain
why I have seen so few comments in the past
six months. :(

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