Monday, May 28, 2018

Do It Yourself

Casting down imaginations and every high thing
that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.
2 Corinthians 10:5

Determinedly Demolish Some things.
Deliverance from sin is not deliverance from the
human nature, such as prejudices, which the saint
has to destroy by neglect; and other things which
have to be destroyed by violence, i.e. by Divine
strength imparted by God's Spirit. There are some
things over which we are not to fight, but to stand
still in and see the salvation of God; but every
theory or conception which erects itself as a ram-
part against the knowledge of God is to be deter-
minedly demolished by drawing on God's power,
not by fleshly endeavor or compromise.

It is only when God has altered our disposition
and we have entered into the experience of sancti-
fication that the fight begins. The warfare is not 
against sin; we can never fight against sin: Jesus
deals with our sin in Redemption. The conflict is
along the line of turning our natural life into a
spiritual life, and this is never done easily, nor
does God intent it to be done easily. It is done on-
ly by a series of moral choices. God does not 
make us holy in the sense of character. He makes
us holy in the sense of innocence, and we have 
to turn that innocence into holy character by a 
series of moral choices. These choices are contin-
ually in antagonism to the entrenchments of our
natural life, the things which erect themselves as
ramparts against the knowledge of God. We can
either go back and make ourselves of no account
in the Kingdom of God, or we can determinedly
demolish these things and let Jesus bring another
son to glory.  Oswald Chambers

Reader, we cannot live the Christian Life from a
passive frame of mind. We may not be in battle,
but the enemy is in battle--for our mind, for our
testimony, for our peace in Christ. He comes to
kill, steal and destroy. Chambers has outlined the
various attacks and battles we face and how to
handle them. Our natural life wants to be in the
ascendency and will erect things as ramparts
against the knowledge of God. We can make our-
selves of no account for the Kingdom of God, OR,
we can determinedly demolish these things and let 
Jesus bring another son to glory.
Press on, dear warrior, press on.

PS I purposely reiterated what Chambers wrote at
the end because it is easily passed over as one has-
tens to the next blog or website or FB posting.
Besides, he uses big words!

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