Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Gift of Righteousness #1

For if by the one man's offense death reigned 
through one, much more those who receive 
abundance of grace and the of the gift of 
righteousness will reign through the One, 
Jesus Christ.  Romans 5:17

Sanctification is the Spirit of Christ in us...Plainly
stated: God has already made us 'just' (or right) in 
His eyes, and that is a wonderful holiness. But now 
He is bringing this holiness down to our practical 
lives. This is the work of the Spirit of Christ in us--
to conform us to what God already sees us to be.

In the verse above, the Greek word for 'reign' means
'to rule from a foundation of power.' When Paul talks
about 'reigning in life,' he's talking about having ru-
ling power over sin--not just in heaven but in this life.
We are to reign over every demonic power, every lust,
every principality that comes against us. That is true

Yet another powerful truth is contained in this verse:
'Those who receive abundance of grace and the 
gift of righteousness'. Here Paul called righteousness 
gift. It is something given to you, put in your posses-
sion--something you can feel and touch. 
David Wilkerson

Reader, we recently received a newsletter from the
Pulpit Series put out by Gary Wilkerson. It is so full
of truth that I want to share it with you bit by bit.
Through Jesus Christ we are given an ABUNDANCE

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