Wednesday, March 21, 2018


God called to him...And he said, 'Here am I.'
Exodus 3:4.

Be ready for the sudden surprise visits of God. 
A ready person never needs to get ready--he is 
ready. The burning bush is a symbol of every-
thing that surrounds the person who is ready, 
and it is on fire with the presence of God Him-
self. Oswald Chambers

Reader, we are told to be ready when the call
of God comes to depart this earth where we
will meet our Savior and be forever with the
Lord. All signs point to our leaving soon. I
see in scripture that we are to be alert for His
coming and ready to leave at any moment.
You don't have to pack a bag, but it might be
wise to be reconciled to each person as much
as in your ability, and to forgive.

"Now when these things begin to happen, 
look up and lift up your heads, 
because your redemption draws near."  
Luke 21:28

Check out 'what things' Jesus is speaking about
in that Luke 21.

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