Wednesday, May 10, 2017

God's Heroes

When they cried out to the Lord, he raised up for them
a deliverer, Othniel....,Caleb's younger brother, who
saved them. The Spirit of the Lord came upon him.
Judges 3:9-10

God is continually preparing His heroes, and when the 
opportunity is right, He puts them into position in an 
instant. He works so fast, the world wonders where they 
came from.

Dear friend, let the Holy Spirit prepare you, through the 
discipline of life. And when the finishing touch has been 
made on the sculpture, it will be easy for God to put you 
on display in the perfect place.

The day is coming when, like Othniel, we will also judge 
the nations and will rule and reign with Christ on earth 
during His millennial kingdom. But before that glorious 
day we must allow God to prepare us, as He did Othniel 
at Kiriath Sepher. (Judges 1:11-13)
We must allow God to work amid our present trials and 
in the little victories, the future significance of which we 
can only imagine. Yet we can be sure that if the Holy 
Spirit has His way with us, the Lord of heaven and earth 
has also prepared for us a throne.
A.B. Simpson--
(one of my favorite 19th century writers.)

Reader, a dear friend saw my blog on "chocolate"and
was drawn to draw out the word, "melt." Perhaps it
will draw a smile:

1 To dissolve; to make liquid; to liquefy; to reduce
from a solid or flowing state by heat; as, to melt wax,
tallow or lead; to melt ice or snow (OR CHOCOLATE!
You know it will be in heaven.)

2 To dissolve; to reduce to first principles,

3 To soften to love or tenderness
     For pity melts the mind to love.

4 To waste away; to dissipate
     In general riot melted down thy youth.

5 To dishearten. Joshua 14

MELT vl.i. To become liquid; to dissolve; to be
     changed from a fixed or solid state to a flowing
    And whiter snow in minutes melts away

1. To be softened to love, pity, tenderness or sym-
      pathy; To become tender, mild or gentle

2 To be dissolved; to lose substance
     Melted as breath into the wind

3 To be subdued by affliction; to sink into weakness. 
     My soul melteth for heaviness--strengthen Thou
       me Ps 119

4 To faint; to be discouraged or disheartened.
     As soon as we heard these things, our heart 
       melted. Joshua 2

MELT'ING n. The act of softening, the act of
     rendering tender.

Now reader, do you see how this fits with the
 themes of the recent blogs?
That is if you followed these breadcrumbs--

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