Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Call On Him

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will 
be saved.  (Joel 2:32)

So why don't I call on His name? Why do I run to 
this person or that person, when God is so near and 
will hear my faintest call? Why do I sit down to plot 
my own course and make my own plans? Why don't 
immediately place myself and my burden on the

Straight ahead is the best way to run, so why don't I
run directly to the living God? Instead, I look in vain
for deliverance everywhere else, but with God I will
find it. With Him I have His royal promise: "I will be
saved."And with Him I never need to ask if I may call
on Him or not, for the word "everyone" is all encom-
passing. It includes me and means me and means any-
body and everybody who calls upon His name.
Therefore I will trust in this verse and immediately
call on the glorious Lord who has made such a great

My situation is urgent, and I cannot see how it will ever
be delivered. Yet this is not my concern, for He who
made the promise will find a way to keep it. My part is
simply to obey His commandment not to direct His
ways. I am His servant, not His advisor. I call upon Him
and He will deliver me. Charles H Spurgeon

Reader, He will save you from the pit of despair. "His
arm is not shortened that it cannot save." Trust Him. He
will not disappoint. And, you will never be the same.

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