Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Grow Faith

For the past couple of months many things have been
coming together in regards to the Rapture of the Church.
We are moving into a less intense time of watching and
many are discouraged. It is not a time to let faith--which
is 'the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction 
of things not seen'--lag in despair.

I have been encouraged in my faith by listening to a
dramatized version of scripture. There is a great verse
in Romans 10:17.

'... faith comes from hearing, and hearing 
through the word of Christ.' 

In August I got the free app from Bible.Is and I have
listened to over half the Bible, including the whole NT.
It is easy to turn it on when I am busy around the house,
or driving somewhere.

Reader, if you have not listened to the dramatized
version of the book of Revelation, you are missing
The worship is phenomenal!

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