Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Preposterous Statement

Everything in our culture screams out, 'I am the one. I can do
anything. If I can get my life together I will soar. I must soar!'
The motto in my home growing up was, 'Busyness is next to

The scripture laid out in the last blog serves to emphasize the
truth that no one can live the Christian Life. This is what
T Austin-Sparks says:

'No man can live the Christian life; there is only One Who
can live the Christian life, and that is Christ Himself. He 
lives His Life through us as members of His own Body, 
so that:

'For me to live is Christ'
'It is no longer I...but Christ.'

Reader, it was about a decade ago that I learned that only
through Him can I live the Christian life. Up until then my
days were full of 'oughts' and 'should.' I measured my quiet
time, serving time, praying time and it wore me out. Then,
I got sick and was helpless to live the Christian life and
discovered that He leads moment by moment and when He
is my Life, my life is effortless and full of peace.

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