Thursday, March 26, 2015

Paul's Cry

"...that I may know Him,"

What does it mean to know the unknowable God?
But is He unknowable? Jesus is the exact image
of His Dad. The Father heart of God is expressed
through His Son. To know the Son is to know the
Father. Paul counted all his gains and came up
short. He had met Jesus and everything else fell
away. His goal in life was to gain Christ, to know
his Savior, his Lord.

Papa God--to know your Son is of top priority for
me. I want to lean on Him, lean into Him; to know
Him as you know Him. Right now in this moment
I am like Martha, busy with the details of life and
trying to gain control. Mary turned away from the
pressure of trying to make life work. She received.
You want me to lay down the control thing. I fall
before you today. I am so needy.

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