Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Good Question

A good question was asked by a reader. 'What
does it mean that we are in Christ?' There is no
phrase that occurs with greater frequency in the
New Testament-- over 200 times. I shared some
of these quotes yesterday. Romans 6:1-11 gives
insight but I will only quote the fifth verse:

'For if we have been united with him in death, 
we shall certainly be united with him in a
resurrection like his.'

We were in Christ when he went to the cross!
When He died, we died; when He was buried,
we were buried; when He rose from the dead,
we rose also.

Our being 'in Christ' goes way back before
creation:  '...he chose us in him before the 
foundation of the world, that we should be 
holy and blameless before him.' Eph 1:4

Yesterday a group of women, who had
been pondering, mulling over, musing upon
Eph 1:4, gathered together to share their
gleanings. One excited voice said:

'Listen to this. God says that I was chosen in
him before creation to be righteous before him!'
Her eyes shown as all vestiges of guilt and
shame dropped off.

What does it mean that we are in Christ?

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