Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Be Still My Heart

I am afraid. Something triggers fear and I  know
it is happening because I disappear into the
kitchen to look for food-- food that will settle
the gnawing. If I stop, recognize what is going
on, and take up my Bible, my heart has a good
chance of becoming still. Today's reading
comes out of Joshua 1:

'I will not leave you or forsake you.' (Wow,
what a promise. Is that not enough?)
'Be strong and courageous!'
'Have I not commanded you? BE STRONG
'Do Not Be Afraid'
'Do Not Be Dismayed' (God is reading me!)
'for the Lord God  (two Names)
    is with you wherever you go. (I'm covered!)

Papa, You did two things today that told me
how close, how present You are to me. First,
I opened to the reading marked out for today,
which gave to me the very words I needed.
Secondly, You showed me where I had put
my journal so I could write it down, found in
such an obscure place. I have no control over
my emotional responses, or the events that
overtake me, but, You, the most wonderful,
magnificent, shining, glorious You, do!

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