Monday, August 18, 2014

What Now?

Well, we finished Psalm 23. Really? I don't think
it is possible to completely unpack a verse of
scripture for eternity is too short to plumb the
depths of God. This weekend I have been
asking God, "What now? Where do You want
me to go with the blog?"

You must know, reader, that this blog is a
tremendous blessing in my life as I discover
hidden treasure. And, you are not just a
hidden number, you are a name and a face.
I write to: Sarah, Audrey, Chris, Linda, Lori,
Yo, Sandi, Corene, Marilyn, Eila, Leslie,
Arlene, April, Dee... Names keep floating
through my mind...My desire is that you be
refreshed and encouraged. May your roots
ever go deeper into Jesus.

Thankfulness Corner:
Pink mountains outlined in purple at dawn.

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