Monday, August 25, 2014

The Sturggle

I sit here and struggle. I have looked at David and
his God, Job and his God, but how do I focus on
the Son and his God? How do I comprehend His
greatness and then, dear reader, how do I use
words to draw you in? I don't want to entertain
you, but move your focus from yourself to
Someone so great He defies understanding.

The farmer is bailing hay today. He uses a tractor
to draw the loose hay into a baler that forms large
bails of hay to be picked up by another machine
later. But, God grew that hay quietly using water
and sunshine. Last evening the setting sun flooded
this field with a light that took my breath away!

We who have grown up with Christian concepts
and Bible verses can look at the most outrageous
statements and think, 'Oh, I've read this before.'
Yes, but each word of scripture runs deep. When
is the lat time you went for a swim?

Thankfulness Corner:
Sky and land colored by the setting sun. 

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