Monday, April 28, 2014

Turkey or Eagle?

So, I am a Christian. What does that mean?
What is the secret of a happy Christian life?

When Christ died, God the Father put me
into Christ so that:

When Christ died, I died
When He was buried, I was buried
When He rose from the dead, I rose also
When He ascended, I ascended.

Jesus broke the power of sin in my life.
He gave me a new identity. I am no longer
a turkey; I am now an eagle. BUT, if I do
not know that I have become a new creation
in Christ, transformed by the resurrection,
I will continue to eke out an existence, as
a turkey.

Dear reader, I have spent most of my
Christian existence living the low life of
a turkey--trying to please God with little
jumps and with the furious flapping of
wings. I did not know that I was a new
creation in Christ, an eagle who was made
to soar...

Oh, glorious resurrection!

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Audrey said...

I've been thinking about all my blessings today....especially my best friend Jesus! We have soo much to be grateful for!