Friday, April 4, 2014

How Daniel Responds

The last blog showed how Daniel discovered what
time it was for the Jews who had been in captivity
for 70 years. How does Daniel respond to the prophecy?
Does he sit back and wait to see what God will do?
After all, the prophet Jeremiah had written it. Actually,
Daniel does something that rather surprised me. He
reviews the history of his people. He thinks about why
the Jews had come into bondage long before the King
carried them into Babylon. It was because they had
turned away from the living God to worship idols. He
then looks at how the Jews are doing after 70 years in
captivity. Amazingly, there is no difference! In fear
and anguish, mixed with urgency, Daniel hits the floor.
He dresses in the sackcloth of mourning, and with
fasting, he begins to cry out to God on behalf of his
people. Listen to his cry:

"We have not listened to you
To us belongs open shame
We have sinned against you
We have rebelled against God
We have all refused to obey
And, because of this, You have brought calamity
     against us" (Daniel 9)

Precious reader, did the list yesterday sicken you?
Are you looking at the time and thinking that Jesus
will come and rescue you? Does Daniel's response
of confession and intercession for his people, give
you pause? It certainly has made me think.

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