Friday, April 18, 2014


As I was reading through the accounts of the
crucifixion today, I found myself focusing on
the women first and then the men. I found two
Mary's at the cross. Mary Magdalene and
Mary, the mother of Jesus. After John took
that mother home, the other Mary clustered
with the women who stood at a distance. They
kept watch until Jesus was removed from the
cross and then followed Him to the tomb, so
they would know where to come after the
Sabbath. Then they went home to prepare the
spices for burial. Shattered, they do not believe
they will ever see their Beloved alive again.

The hearts of the disciples are black with
despair. All hope is gone. Except for John,
no mention is made of any of them at the
cross. Shattered, they are hiding out. The
resurrection is no where in their thinking.
Yet, Jesus had mentioned his rising every
time he mentioned his death. He had a
long conversation with his men the night
before he died.

Where am I in this mess? Right there. I can
open my Bible and study about the times
we are in, including His glorious return,
and I remain unmoved, stuck in my stuff.
My prayer for us, dear reader, is that come
Sunday we will celebrate the Resurrection
with exuberance and hope! Jesus said that
we are to look up because our salvation
draws near. He lives within and He will
come again to receive us in our new bodies.
See the fifteenth chapter of 1 Corinthians.

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