Monday, April 7, 2014

God Speaking

The last blog certainly spoke to me about
something God wants me to do. You see it
was all about prayer. Many years ago I
learned to hear God by meditating on His
Word with a small group of women. We
would take a verse, ponder it, write out
what we saw and heard, then we would share
it. It was amazing to see the diversity of what
each woman caught. This was then turned into
prayer for others. My children were young at
that time but together we meditated through
the first chapter of Proverbs, one verse at a time.
They saw things that I did not see.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer discipled a group of
young men during the 1930's. He had them
take one verse and spend 30 minutes on that
verse each day for a week.

Several weeks ago I started thinking about
sharing this form of study and prayer with
some of the local women. Our study out
of Daniel confirmed it to me and then to the
women in the study. So, the thinking about
it has become a place of sweet obedience.

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