Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Real Thing

Saturday I finished up the current series on trials and went
about my normal day--or not so normal. About  2PM I
received a phone call from my he who was having another
Meniere's attack and needed me to come pick him up. As
the afternoon progressed, so did the physical symptoms
of dizziness, nausea and vomiting. About 5PM my cell
phone rang and a familiar voice said,

"Honey, would you please call 911?"

I ran downstairs, and, after trying to find a pulse, made
the call. It was a surreal experience as they loaded my
he into the ambulance. It was a long evening of trying to
get him out of A Fib and into a normal heartbeat, then
they kept him overnight because it did not convert. When
all of this began to unfold, I remembered the blog I had
written that morning. I am to rejoice in Him and be thankful
because God, my Papa God, loves me and He is in control.
I realized as I went through the drill that my emotions lie
and often have nothing to do with the truth. But, I can
speak the truth even when my emotions are bouncing off
of walls.

This particular trial began to come to an end late Sunday
evening when my he's pulse reverted to normal--and has
stayed there!

Bless the Lord, Oh my Soul
and worship His Holy Name.
Sing like never before...

Thanksgiving Corner:
The wind blowing strong into our faces.


Audrey said...

sometimes controlling our emotions is a very hard thing.....something I need to practice!

Jane said...

Pause in the moment and ask Jesus to flow through you. Our flesh will never get it right!