Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Tender Merciful Shepherd

Of all the names given to God in the Bible, none is as sublime and solemn as the Name “Jehovah.”  
So awesome was this Name that Jewish scholars refrain from pronouncing or writing it.  
Instead Biblical writings call Him:
THE Name
The Great and Terrible Name
The Peculiar Name
The Unutterable Name
The Distinguished Name
Then there is David who took this particular Name of God and attached it to The Shepherd! 
David spent many days and nights alone with his sheep. He provided 
them with green grass, still water, safe paths, and protection. He was intimately
acquainted with each sheep. If he had to take them through dangerous valleys, he 
walked before them. He used his rod and staff to protect and rescue them. David 
understood that Jehovah God functioned like a shepherd to him. David realized 
that he could not safely take care of his sheep, but needed God’s help. David’s
God was not “The Great and Terrible Name,” but the Tender Merciful Shepherd.
His own personal Jehovah Rhoi!
Papa, As I continue to ponder these five words, you keep adding insight to my
quest. Did Moses or Abraham or any of the early Hebrew patriots grasp that, You,
The Self Existing One, The Eternal One, The I AM, was also a Shepherd? Did it 
take an uneducated teenager to both discover and dwell in the Shepherd heart 
of God? Would you continue to unfold the outrageous truth that THE LORD IS

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