Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beholding Him Through Scripture

A number of years ago I was introduced to Biblical Meditation. This way of reading the Bible is slow
 but goes deep. It gives the reader time to listen to God’s heart and then to use it as a prayer back to Him. 
Meditation means to ponder something. I would read one or two verses over and over and 
let the words sink into my spirit. Then the words would come up as I went about my day 
and I would “chew” on them again.  This practice has continued over the years and has resulted
 in a rich store of wisdom that is available to me as I live my life. 
I found it helpful to take a chapter but write out only one to three verses at a time. 
I would then write down my thoughts as I waited before the Lord in an attitude of prayer. 
When I finished I would write or speak a prayer using the meditation as the spring board. 
This, then, became the foundation for how I prayed for people that day. 
(Beats saying to God, “bless this person.")
For those of you who are interested in trying this, I would suggest taking the first verse of Psalm 23. 
Begin by writing down each word of that verse as a list, one below the other. Take one word each day 
and write down your thoughts next to it.  
(right away you can see that you would be in the first verse of Psalm 23 for at least nine days!)
So the first day you would meditate on “THE Lord is my shepherd.”  
The second day it would be “the LORD is my shepherd.” 
The third day would be “The Lord IS my shepherd.”
The fourth day would be “The Lord is MY shepherd.”  and so on.
Now, you may think that you can't get something out of just one word, but try it! If you end
up reading the first phrase of the verse and then the second phrase, that is OK.  Frame a 
picture, draw it on paper, reflect on being with the shepherd. Expect the Lord to speak to you 
but do not be discouraged if you find your mind flying about or cluttered with the trivia of the day. 
Bring yourself back into His presence and wait for insight into the word you are on. Our Lord
wants to speak to you and give you hope.
Now for all you brave ones out there, put your thoughts down in the comment section below this post 
so others can be encouraged by how God has  spoken to you--maybe for the very first time.  
It is amazing how one person’s meditation can open a window for someone else!

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