Monday, February 27, 2012

I Shall Not Want

I have had nothing to write in the past ten days. There is an issue that has brought me down. 
For the past week I could see no way out. BUT, during this time I have been meditating 
on the first verse of Ps. 23. God has had me in the exact place in scripture that I needed! 
I got some great things out of the first five words but had zero faith regarding my own issue. 
However, as I pondered the words of David, hope in HIM began to bubble up inside
 of me--in spite of the fact I felt I was at a dead end with no way out.
Here is what I found:
The words, “The Lord is my Shepherd,” is actually a Name of God: Jehovah Rhoi.
Jehovah is the Hebrew word for “Lord” in this passage.  Some of the meanings of 
Jehovah are:
The Self Existing One
The Eternal One
The Unchangeable One
The Unique One
The Holy One
The Ever Loving One
He was and is and is to come!
He is the I AM. He is always in the now.
I do believe that it will take an eternity to unpack the Name, Jehovah. 
(Which one of these meanings do you need today, dear reader?)
Rhoi,  My Shepherd
This Name refers to the One whose shepherd love, care, and resources are 
available to me as I face an unknown future. The good shepherd in John 10 lays
down his life for his sheep. The shepherd is tender, forgiving, merciful, and 
strong. The picture that forms in my mind is that of the shepherd with the lamb 
slung over his shoulders. I feel as if He has been pursuing this forlorn lost lamb. 
I have not been lost to Him. In light of all of this, “I SHALL NOT WANT.”
Papa, I confess that my faith always lets me down. You want me to live out of
“the faith of the Son of Man,” and not by my own effort to believe. As I meditate on
Ps 23:1, hope bubbles up inside of me before the issue shifts. Then today
came a sudden crack in the walls of the dead end and I could see possibilities
laid out over the landscape. Does it matter if any of them bear fruit? Not really.
But, the crack in the impregnable wall makes me laugh in wonder!

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