Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It is almost Thanksgiving and I am sitting here pondering what I am thankful for:  The silence with only the sound of the fountain in the lake falling on my ear; the marvels of technology--which I absolutely cannot stand some of the time; the beautiful autumn days with flaming colors this year.  I can see, hear, talk, walk; I can line dance--well, sort of.  I may not have family nearby but we have been invited to join some old friends for Thanksgiving dinner.  Thank you, Papa. 

I sit here and think of all of you who have made this blog possible.  My husband for gladly footing the cost. Thanks, honey! My son-in-law who has thrown himself into putting it together and will also manage it. Thank you so much, David.  I love you.   Corene, you kept listening to what I wanted for the main pictures; you bought new roses three times; you kept at it until both of us said, “aha.”  Thank you, dear friend.  I think of those who are even now working on stories of their personal struggles, sorrows, and triumphs.  Then I think of what God has poured into me all these years through many of you; how He has used scripture; authors of books...  I am part of a world-wide community of Believers not only in this age but past ages.  Believers who each display a different aspect of our wonderful God.  I love to watch the reflection of God’s character in His people.

Papa, I just want to thank you today for the richness of community as your Life is expressed in us who dwell in a world which is not only created by You but for You. 
“The heavens do indeed declare your glory and the earth shows forth Your handiwork!”

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David van Akkeren said...

Glad I could be of help, mom. I pray God will use this site to reach people and encourage them to come closer to Him.