Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I blew it!  I made a mistake; a technological mistake and it might have caused serious repercussions.  Immediately I wanted to bag my responsibility; drop out; give it to another with greater computer savvy.  Then, "its not my fault." But it was.  True I had not understood how the address book in the Mac worked, but the computer did what it was told.

Then I came into the presence of the Lord:  He loves that I am human. The problem arises when I expect to do it right, be right--all the time. He takes great delight in my humanness; in this being that is finite, weak, prone to failure. He is God; He sees the big picture--all the time. I have such a narrow view; the information I have can be inadequate.  I am not God.  What a relief!  My spirit soars. Joy returns.

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