Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day Eleven

Setting up this website and blog IS part of my story and so I have included the steps and what has been going on inside of me. The NOW.  That is where God is.  I can’t change the past--though I can share it; the future is yet to come.  All I have is the moment I am now in.  I choose in that moment.  If I choose this, I necessarily do not choose that.  The choices that I make will form something in me and reveals what is important to me, what is resonating in my heart today. God is in the process.  In fact, I believe that He is more interested in process than outcome. As I ponder this the anxiety dissipates and is replaced by awe and wonder.  This thing He has called me to do is changing me; causing me to focus on what I believe and allows me to see the disconnects in how I behave. 
“I am thrown back on You, Oh precious One.  I give you my nothing today in exchange for your everything.  It is Christ in me, the hope of glory.”

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