Friday, October 14, 2011

Day Six

This morning I woke up with a dream. In the dream I was on a roof with many other people and the thought came, “everyone can see what is going on up here.  It is so public!” I woke up knowing exactly what was going on in me in regard to this web site.  As I pondered all the work involved I started to think of the story angle again.  Everybody has a story and people want to share them. Not spiritual heavy weights but people like you, dear reader! God working in ordinary people. I could feature a story each month or each week.  An ongoing blog of how this ordinary person encounters God. I will have a resource page of books with a short introduction to each. And that is where I am at the beginning of Saturday, just four days after saying to God, "I want something fun and meaningful!"  And so it has begun.  (You don't have to be afraid to come home at night, my dear husband.  Your wife has been given something to do!)

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