Sunday, January 14, 2018

Two Sides

Enter His gates with
And into His courts with
Ps 100:4

I have recently come across some statistics on the web
that have led me into thanksgiving and awe.

In 1900 there were no Christians in South Korea, but
today there are 7,000 churches in the capitol alone.

In the 1800's the southern part of  Africa had no Chris-
tians but today it is estimated Christianity at 63%.
There are 34,000 people coming to Christ each day in

There are 140 million Untouchables in India and it is
estimated that 10% have come to Christ.

In China it is estimated that there are more self avowed
Christians than those who belong to the Communist
Party. It is also estimated that soon China will have
more Christians than any other part of the world.

More people in the Islamic world have come to Christ
in this generation than all the generations put together

There are a massive number of people coming to Christ
in Iran. House churches are prominent and widely dis-

Indonesia is the largest Islamic country but 15% of the
people are Christians.

Followers of Jesus globally are increasing more than
80,000 per day. It is believed that 510 new churches
are planted every day.

The Cost

Open Doors says that 250 million people are being per-
secuted today for their faith in Jesus. It comes to one 
out of every twelve Christians

Radical Religion is the primary cause of persecution, but
we pray for the Persecuted Church and it is wide spread
in every area where Christianity is vibrant and growing
in Asia and the Middle East. We read their stories and
are amazed at how many will not quit evangelizing even
after threats and prison. In some countries the new Be-
lievers know that they will have to take Prison 101.
However, once they find Jesus and are baptized, they
are committed and faithful--regardless.

Reader, the west looks so puny in comparison with other
areas where people have recently come to realize that
Jesus died for them and they can come into Eternal Life
through Him. I would encourage you to contact an organ-
ization, Voice of the Martyrs, and read the personal stories
of suffering and triumph. God is doing amazing things!

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