Tuesday, January 30, 2018

He Will Silently Plan For You

Surely I am with you always. Matthew 28:20

He will silently plan for you,
   His object of omniscient care;
God Himself undertakes to be
   Your Pilot through each subtle snare.

He WILL silently plan for you,
   So certainly, He cannot fail!
Rest on the faithfulness of God,
   In Him you surely will prevail.

He will SILENTLY plan for you
   Some wonderful surprise of love.
No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
   But it is kept for you above.

He will silently PLAN for you,
   His purposes will all unfold;
Your tangled life will shine at last,
   A masterpiece of skill untold.

He will silently plan FOR YOU,
   Happy child of a Father's care,
As if no other claimed His love,
   But you alone to Him were dear.
E. Mary Grimes.

Reader, have you ever had the experience when
someone was listening to you with his eyes, his
ears, his whole body? I do remember speaking
to a Pastor once who listened like that and I was
the only one, the only thing he was thinking about.
What an experience. I walked on air! It is like that
with our heavenly Dad. When we speak to Him
we have His complete attention. I can't wait until
I can speak with Him face to face.

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