Tuesday, July 25, 2017

World Upheaval

The disciples asked Jesus privately. "Tell us, they said,
when will this happen, and what will be the sign of
your coming and the end of the age?" Jesus answered:
Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will 
come in my Name, claiming, I am the Christ, and will
deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of
wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things
must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will 
rise against nation (People groups, or races rising up 
against other groups which is coming to pass today.)
and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines
and earthquakes in various places. All these are the
beginning of birth pains.  Matthew 24:2-8

Well, we have always had famines but not like we
are seeing today. In the last century alone there has
been an explosion of world-wide famines like never
before. The world health organization estimates that
while 1/3 of the world is well fed, another 1/3 are
under-fed and the final 1/3 is starving to death. Just
in the 1990's alone, 100 million children starved to
death. It is estimated that some 800 million people
in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition.
Over the last ten years or so, different areas of this
country have experienced drought.

Increase of Earthquakes
For the past two years I have watched a daily You
Tube channel that reports on earthquakes and how
strong they are. It appears that they are getting
stronger and more frequent. In the past couple of
weeks there have been 6 earthquakes over 6. The
US has been spared the big ones over the last few
years, compared to Indonesia, Japan, Italy, New
Zealand, Nepal, Haiti, the Aleutian Islands, the
Solomon Islands,Turkey, Chili, South Russia,
China--just to name a few. Volcanoes around the
ring of fire have been quite active over the past
year. Ten of them blow almost daily.
are active almost daily. Somehow the US main-
land has mnot experienced any active volcanoes
since the1980's, however, there are two Calderas,
one in Southern CA and the one in Yellowstone,
which are experiencing swarms of earthquakes
daily. The Yellowstone Caldera is the size of 11
Grand Canyons and affects all of Idaho as well as
Montana and Wyoming.

Greater than 6 over the years:
From 1,000 to 1800    21
From 1800 to 1900     18
From 1910 to 1929     4
From 1930 to 1949     9
In the 1950's               9
In the 1960's               13
In the 1970's               51
In the 1980's               86

In 2016--
 127 earthquakes between 6 and 6.9
 1500 earthquakes between 5 and 5.9
 12,000 earthquakes between 4 and 4.9

Increase in Pestilence
Global transportation systems have helped to trans-
port pestilence around the world. AIDS is an example.
Did you know that in 1998 African wars killed
200,000 but in that same time deaths from AIDS was
10 times that number? Diseases that were once consi-
dered conquered such as TB, Malaria, cholera,
diphtheria, and even black plague are popping up all
over the globe. One of the biggest fears is the spread
of viruses such as Ebola, and other organisms that
leap from animals to humans.

Increase of Wars
We hardly need to go into this because it seems that
war is breaking out in many places such as the
Middle East--so many Christians have died--and
other parts of the planet, and consider all the
countries such as North Korea, who have nuclear
weapons, and want to use them.

Other things...
The increase of signs in the sky such as the blood moons
    that came on Feast Days in 1014 and 2015
The Rise of Solar activity even when the sun is in a
     sunspot free period, as happened just this past week
The rise of Asteroids. The past week, there were five
     days in which significant asteroids passed near the
     earth on consecutive days.
     The rise in meteors. Lots of fireballs can be seen each
     night lately.
Weird weather. Drought, then horrific flooding.
The worst winter in Idaho in 100 years--we were there!
Increase in the severity of hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding,
droughts, typhoons in the Pacific.

Well, reader, we think that things continue as they always
have and we remain clueless of just how much the world
has changed over recent decades--just too much news to
absorb. Things are moving so fast; we are moving so
fast we don't have time to watch!

Jesus said, "Now when these things begin to take 
place, straighten up and raise your heads, because 
your redemption is drawing near. Luke 21:28

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