Friday, January 20, 2017

Our Little Community

It started to freeze and snow about December 8th and
has continued to snow, freeze, thaw and freeze again.
The snow has turned to ice which is now impossible
to remove from the streets. The philosophy that has
worked for many years is to plow the main streets and
ignore all the side streets. But this year we have had feet
of snow, that has not had time to melt, which has left an
icy base on ALL of the city roads. The high ice-snow in
the middle of a street with ruts on either side almost
brought my little car to a complete stop!

Schools have been closed since the beginning of Jan.
because of safety issues. Before the big snow this week,
many people were working on the flat High School roof
to clear it of snow. Lots of flat roofs in this community
have collapsed--carports, the bowling alley, barns, and
at least one house-- because of the snow storms that have
ended with freezing rain, making the snow very heavy.
The only grocery store in Weiser collapsed yesterday
morning while men were trying to get the latest 15"off
the roof. Amazingly no one was hurt. They had closed
the store for a few hours. However, the damage is
extensive and we now have to drive 30 minutes for food.
Lots of Seniors in this community do not drive beyond
the city limits.

Please pray for us because February usually has more
snow, but January is still with us. More snow is expected
on Sunday! The churches in the community are working
out a plan to make sure the seniors have a way to get
food in the long haul. It COULD take up to two years for
a new grocery store but I think some creativity might cut
that number way back! By the way I think the Walmart
in Ontario, Oregon--not too far from us,-- is still closed!

In the meantime we spend a lot of energy--shoveling!

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