Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Frame Removed

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Yesterday I spent some time talking about the glory
of God becoming our glory out of John 17.

Today I am returning to the Garden of Eden where
God said, "it is good." No death, sickness, hurts,
accidents, nothing to cause fear, isolation. The
couple was placed in the Garden by God Himself
who met with them intimately in the cool of the
day. There was no lack. But, danger entered the
garden in the form of a beautiful reptile whose
name was Lucifer, Light Bearer. His object was to
deceive Eve and cause her to separate herself from
God, from His glory, from that picture. She did not
know that her glory, came from God just as the glory
of the frame comes from the picture it surrounds.
The snake told Eve that she, in herself, could have
glory independently of God. She could be her own
god. You see, reader, sin is not what we do but who
we become when we separate ourselves from the
Source of our glory. Sins follow. That seed of
rebellion, taking the glory to oneself, was passed
down from Adam through the generations. Each
lives out his life separated from God until he
recognizes that he has no glory, that life is a sham.
Before Jesus went to the cross He told the disciples
that they would be given the glory that Christ had
received from His Father, that Christ would dwell
in them just as God dwelt in His Son. When we
come to God in repentance we come home to the
picture where we belong. It is our position now
and not based on our behavior.

God says in Isaiah 62 that He does this for the
  • You will get a new name
  • You will be a jeweled crown, a crown of beauty
  • You will no longer be called "forsaken."
  • Or called "desolate."
  • You will be called, "My delight."
Reader, if you want to get a fuller picture of your glory
in Christ then go to the website of Malcolm Smith
and click on the webinar: "You are glorious"

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