Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Glory Sullied

Michael Wells of Abiding Life Ministries is now enjoying
the fruit of his labor for God took him while on a
missionary journey to the least of these. He introduced
me to a whole new aspect of the word, 'Christian:'

"Christ in me the hope of glory."

So, I am now on a treasure hunt through scripture, through
the changes in circumstances, relationships, and losses, to
find out what this means. How do I live the Christian life?
By whose power do I live the Christian life? How does my
failure affect God, affect me? What about the law?

Yesterday I reread an excerpt from Disc 1 of
"Simple Foundations," by Michael Wells. He says:

"Christianity is unbelievably simple. At times we are
overwhelmed by the world, but we know simply
changing our focus to Christ, we overcome the world..."

"And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God
took him."

"The goal of Christianity is to walk with God and grasp
Him and become 'a not' to have all the assurance and
confidence we want in Him. Too often we use God 'to
become' and build our image as somebody special. Where
we hold our image and identity, we are a threat to the
glory of God, for that is the seat of our pride. God isn't 
interested in our image, but in His image in us. We
experience failure where we hold our image in any area
of our lives..."

"How big is our God? The goal of Christianity is not in
becoming, but in the not, which is the natural result of
walking with Him. 'Not I, but Christ..."

You, dear reader, are on this journey with me as you read
my blogs. Tomorrow I will share a little more from this
lesson. In the meantime you can check out the
Abiding Life website for a variety of helpful info:

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