Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nearing Midnight

Yesterday I was glad that I took the time to worship
at sunrise. My heart was fixed even as I read the

Will CA be toast? Warning comes because of the
200 plus quakes that hit San Ramon area yesterday.

Robots cheaper than any human worker

Twelve nations have drones flying over Syria

The looming military showdown in South China Sea

Heavy snow warning: Worst El Nino in history
   means UK faces winter white-out

World turning against Jerusalem

UN Chief tries to calm Israel-Palentinian violence

Ebola worst infectious disease in the world--in
a class of its own.

Olaf strengthens to a major hurricane, still far off

Volcanoes today: Karymasky, Dukono,
Piton de la Fournaise, Batu Tara, Sinabung,

WOW! So are we to run and hide in despair? No! We
are to continue living lives of hope and fullness
because the One who dwells within is as calm as a
poached egg. It helps to read the headlines with an
open Bible. In the next few blogs I will explore a few
verses and you will see Who is really in charge of the
events that swirl around us.

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