Thursday, September 18, 2014

Two Points of View

Righteousness, or being right with God has two points
of view:
  • Righteous works--behavior oriented
  • Righteous identity--state of being
Most Christians think of righteousness in terms of 
their performance. Some are better at it than others!
Holy behavior is important, but Abraham was 
called righteous because he believed God. 

Salvation is a two sided coin.
  • Jesus living inside of the believer
  • The believer living inside of Jesus
Did you know that for every verse about Jesus
living inside of me, there are ten verses about
my being in Christ? 

God chose me in Christ before the foundation
of the world. You and I were placed inside of
Jesus before the world was formed. This is how
Paul can say, '...knowing this, that our old self
was crucified with Him.' Romans 6:6.

When you died with Christ, God executed 
everything about you He could not tolerate
as a holy God. He buried it all with Jesus.
(See Romans 6)

Dear reader, here is my question for you.
What died in you when Jesus died?

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