Monday, September 22, 2014

Seven Year Re-Set

The evening of September 24 begins a New Year on
the Jewish calendar. The day marks the 7th year when
God asked His people to let the land rest, to cancel debts,
to trust Him. Have you ever wondered why there are so
many down turns in the economy that begin in the
September/October time frame? Has it been something
you have even noticed? It has caused me to wonder...
Actually, there are mysteries contained in these patterns.
Jonathan Cohn has written a book called,
The Mystery of The Shemita--the 7th year--, in which
he takes the reader back to 732 BC where ancient
Israel's hedge of protection was breached by an enemy
attack. What does this have to do with America?
Everything! Cohn has done extensive research into
the major downturns of the stock market, and turned
up some amazing correlations tied to the Shemita.
The book is hot off the press. At the very least it is a
fascinating read. At most it shows the hand of God
in every aspect of our economy.

Reader, how comforting to know that God is sovereign
over the markets, the world economy, and, He is not
keeping these things hidden. What a great God is
our God!

Crown Him with Many Crowns

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