Tuesday, September 2, 2014

His Pleasure

Glen's brother and wife arrived late Friday afternoon.
Getting the hay in had taken time early in the day.
They came with a purpose: The wrap around deck of
40 years needed some serious help.

The two hour power outage left us in close proximity
by candlelight as we sat around the uncleared dinner

A sudden storm caught us by surprise. Lightning,
booming thunder, heavy rain soaked the land--and
the deck.

The goats next door discovered a hole in the fence
and followed each other into the pasture where
three calves grazed. It took time to sort them out.

Men gathered together around the piano in the
living room to practice, 'Be Thou My Vision.'
As the music filled the air in perfect harmony,
memories stirred of other times over the years...

What about the deck? It received its first coat on
Monday morning, followed by a surprise visit by
the family from Boise. The painting crew met for
Pizza. The second coat went on as Labor Day
waned. Mission accomplished!

Seriously, reader, God wrote the script. He
watched with pleasure as we received all the
gifts He had planned for us!

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