Monday, July 8, 2013

"The Place"

How does one describe "The Place?" It has been home to
Glen's Mom for forty seven years. She will be 90 this year.
It started out as a double wide trailer installed over a basement,
not far from the Snake River. Trees were planted, then grass,
then the moving of hoses to water all that grass, followed by
a deck across the back of the house and a pond for fish. Today,
the grass is watered by a sprinkler system, the now huge trees
provide refreshing shade, the pond no longer contains fish, but
is still filled each summer. Why? Because children love to play
in and around water. Thirty eight years ago it was grandchildren;
today, great grandchildren fill the air with laughter. The scene
across the river is still rural and the freight trains still "go fast,"
according to two year old Noah. This two year old gets bathed
in the same tub his mother was bathed in at the same age. The
pictures and much of the furniture remains unchanged, the stove
included. The house fills up with family every 4th of July, and,
everyone still gathers to watch fire works, a show put on each
year by the now older men of the family.

It is a place out of time, an anchor to my soul.
Nothing seems to change-- except the generations.

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