Thursday, July 18, 2013

Coals of Fire

In Psalm 11 David begins with the truth,
"In the Lord I take refuge," 
but as he writes his emotions kick in:

"...The wicked bend the shoot at the
upright in heart...
Let him (God) rain coals of fire and sulfur,
and a scorching wind shall be the portion 
of their cup."

I would guess that David's relationship with God
is being sorely tested in these early days of rejection
and pursuit. Psalm 11 is mostly written in the third
person. However, strong emotions are evident
with his desire that God would visit coals of fire,
and sulfur, accompanied by a scorching wind
against his enemies.

Hmm, I can read these words out loud when I am
particularly ticked off--after all it is scripture! The
point is, God made us emotional beings and he is
not put off if we demonstrate the negative ones.

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