Thursday, March 28, 2013

"I'm in Charge of the Universe!"

In chapter 40 we find God speaking again from the
eye of the storm. Picture Job sitting there with his
friends as the wind howls, the lightning flashes, the
thunder booms--then God speaks out of the drama.
I imagine that Job and his friends tremble as they
listen to the words of God. Oh, yes, Job's friends
heard all of it.

"Do you presume to tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Are you calling Me a sinner so you can be a saint?
Go ahead, show your stuff.
Let's see what you're made of, what you can do.
Unleash your outrage.
Target the arrogant and lay them flat.
Stop the wicked in their tracks--make mince meat
of them...
I'll gladly step aside and hand things over to you--
You can surely save yourself with no help from me!"

God then spends many verses describing the Leviathan,
a beast of the sea, then He says to Job:

"If you can't hold your own against his glowering visage,
how, then, do you expect to stand up to me?"

"Who could confront Me and get away with it?
I'm in charge of all this--
I RUN this universe!"

Well, dear reader, I have nothing to say.

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