Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Caves of Darkness

Job answers Zophar in chapter 12:

“True wisdom and real power belong to God;
From Him we learn to live, 
and also what to live for…

Strength and success belong to God;
Both deceived and deceiver 
must answer to Him…

He shines a spotlight into caves of darkness…”

I love it! Here is Job “in the depths of despair,” 
(Anne of Green Gables) and he is able or enabled 
to speak the truth about God.

That last line, “He shines a spotlight into the caves of darkness,” 
has lately become a place of rest for me. He sees into the motives, 
the desires of my heart, NOT just my actions. He knows that my 
deepest desire is not to PLEASE Him, but to KNOW Him.

“That I may know Him
The power of His resurrection
The fellowship of His suffering (really?)
Being made conformable unto His death.
(Phil 3:10)

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