Thursday, January 5, 2012


Jake is our Mini Aussie and for his whole life he has been fed twice a day. This morning as I was preparing his food, he was sitting behind me waiting for what he knew would come. In all of our seven years together I have never seen my dog beating his head against the wall in fear that he would starve. Sometimes I am late and he reminds me by throwing the empty bowl up in the air, but never any signs of anxiety that I will not feed him. 
I am not so trusting that my heavenly Father is both willing and able to provide my daily bread. He says to me that I am to take no thought about food because doesn’t he provide for the sparrows in mid-winter? And in regards to clothing, does not my heavenly Dad clothe the Lilies with glorious splendor even though some species of Lily bloom and die in one day?
Papa, I have such a warped view of your ability to take care of me in times of want. I live in a culture of such plenty and that skews the picture.  As I look through the generations I notice that they have survived very well with much less. I confess my unbelief when things get tough, when I feel that I am not as important to You as my dog is to me.  Really, Papa, that is the core issue; how important am I to You?  Do you really care about these small things? It brings me back to the basics and I give You my nothing for your everything.  

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