Saturday, January 28, 2012


Some pain is long term sorrow, but then there is pain that comes out of nowhere and hits hard. Yesterday I could not move, feel or think. I snacked and then lay down and dozed. I had been blindsided. This has brought me to four questions:
  1. Is God sovereign?  If yes then,
  2. Is God all powerful? If yes, then,
  3. Is God good? If yes, then,
  4. Is God good to me? Ah, that is the sticker, upfront and personal.
If God is sovereign, all powerful and good, then I can give thanks because I know that my good God is in control--of everything. He can bring “beauty out of ashes.”  I can trust Him even in the midst of disbelief and anguish. As I ponder these things emotions, simple grief begins to flow instead of the mind numbing complication that is added when I know that I am not in control and believe that God is uncaring and distant.  God is good all the time; all the time God is good!
My dear Papa, It has been a hard two days. It still does not make sense to me; I still hurt, but I know who You are and so I can live out this day with hope in my heart. It is truly, “well with my soul.”

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