Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Sea of Galilee

We stayed at the beautiful Scots Hotel where we
worshiped outside as the sun rose in another clear
sky. We could even see Mt Herman dressed in pink
behind the Golan Heights which came down to the
sea on the other side. After an incredible breakfast
we boarded the bus where we began our day at a
walking path that connected Nazareth to Galilee.
Two thousand years ago it was the road that took
Jesus from Nazareth to His ministry around the Sea
of Galilee. We could see caves in the hills above us
where the Zealots lived. Remember Peter's title was
"Simon the Zealot!" (No, we did not walk toNazareth
that day.)

Amir took us to a wide beach and explained that we
were standing on the bottom of the Sea 2,000 years
ago. Several springs of warm water flowed into this
area and attracted the fish. Luke 5:1-11 is an amaz-
ing story where Jesus addresses the multitude from
Simon Peter's boat. When He finished speaking He
asked the fisherman how the fishing was. Peter said
it was terrible. Jesus told Peter to go out into the
deep and let down the nets. A skeptical Peter did so
and his nets began to break from the number of fish
that rushed in. Peter fell down before Jesus and said,
"Depart from me for I am a sinful man."

Now fast forward past the crucifixion and the resur-
rection to this same place. The heart broken disciples
had returned to the Sea of Galilee and went back to
fishing--they just didn't get it! In the early dawn a man
called out from the beach,

"Have you caught any fish?"
"Cast your nets on the other side and you will find

Nets were filled with fish but did not break. It was a
scene that melts my heart. John recognized Jesus and
they hurried to shore with their catch only to find that
Jesus had a fire going and fish simmering with bread
on the side. The resurrected Lord, the King of Kings,
had prepared breakfast for His disciples!!!!
(John 21)

So you see, reader, these two stories bookend the
ministry of Jesus--it is all about fishing for men.
Secondly, not only was there no scolding regarding
their lack of faith, but Jesus had a hot meal ready
for them. He ate with them and they fellowshipped

What will it be like when we are with Him in our
resurrected bodies, feasting at His table???

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NancyC said...

Love your blog and reports of our trip to Israel! I was too busy taking pictures I didn’t do much journaling so I forgot some details and behold there is Jane to my rescue! Enjoyed our talks!