Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Jesus Boat

In the last blog I added a picture of a 2,000 year old
boat that had been taken from the Sea of Galilee in the
1980's by two brothers who kept looking for things of
value. Since those who are not on FB cannot see the pic-
tures I will post the site that both gives information but
also has a picture of the boat. (Think stormy weather.)
It was tricky getting the boat out of the mud intact and
they put styrofoam around it and then removed that be-
fore putting the boat into water as it would deteriorate
in air. Much to their surprise bugs, worm like creatures,
came out of the boat and began to eat it. What to do?
Well, a fisherman told them he would bring something
the next day that would fix the problem but not hurt the
environment. Can anyone guess? Well, the next day he
carried in some goldfish and let them loose. Within 24
hours the boat was saved and now resides in a museum
that protects it with all kinds of sensors. This museum
sold ice cream much to the delight of the three children
who toured with us. They were great kids!

Reader, I keep pondering the last blog and how Jesus
fed His disciples. It must have been a very special meal
for all of them. Did they talk about the past three years
together? We don't know. But, the picture I get is that
this is their last meal together and Jesus prepared it as
part of His going away. He knew that these disciples
would not have an easy time of it as they spread the
good news of His death and resurrection. New ventures
are never easy. Or have you not discovered that yet?

When we were driving to the airport on that last day,
we went through sunshine and showers--and we saw
multiple rainbows. Such a gift as we returned to a nor-
mal life with new energy and wonderful memories.

This is a detailed site of how they saved the boat intact.
However, no gold fish were mentioned...but that is a
true story!

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