Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A Police Boat?

We were able to watch the colors changing over the
Sea of Galilee as day went into evening. So much
happened nearby as was posted in the last two blogs.
I grew up summers on Chautauqua Lake in NY
state and the lakes are similar in size and both have
hills on the other side of the lake. The hills in this
body of water are the Golan Heights which are cur-
rently being contested by Syria. We had a boat
ride on a beautiful afternoon, a peaceful afternoon--
until the Police boat showed up and boarded us to
see if papers were in order. Not ours but the captain.
One of the crew said that it was fine, he knew the guy,
and everything was in order. It was.

You see, reader, we had various and unexpected e-
vents on this tour that made it that much more inter-
esting. And, so far every day was cloudless and the
temperatures were higher than usual in February.

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