Friday, March 17, 2017

Do you Love Him?

'She has done a good work for Me.'
Mark 14:6

'Have you ever been driven to do something  for 
God not because you felt that it was useful  or 
your duty to do so, or there was anything in it for 
you, but simply because you love Him? I'm 
referring to ordinary, simple human things--things 
which would be evidence to God that you are totally 
surrendered to Him.' (OC)

Reader--Our Lord has always looked for those who
loved Him regardless of what came their way. God
called Abraham 'His friend' and David was called
'A man after God's own heart.' Moses communed
with God face to face. All of them messed up big
time! What was it in each of these men that was so
wonderfully precious to our Lord?

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