Friday, November 4, 2016

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

' We are not justified in claiming to be Christians except in
the measure in which Christ is manifested in us; and all the
forces of hell are against that. Everything begins with this,
the revelation of Christ within.

"What am I here for? Why do I bear the Name of Christ?
What is the point of my salvation?" The answer is: Not
my satisfaction, not my gratification, but the revelation
of Christ, the realization of His centrality and supremacy,
according to the Father's desire.

"So, what am I to work for?" Am I going to try and
establish my place in society, build a church, work with
the poor, teach a new system of truth? Or, is it to secure
for the Lord Jesus His absolute centrality and supremacy?
It is: "Christ in you, the hope of glory," and the only hope
of glory, and if not this, then it will certainly mean shame
not glory.'  (T Austin-Sparks)

Reader, let the Lord write this fragment deeply into your
hearts for His Name's sake. It is something that needs
earnest time with Him. 

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